‘I wipe my dog’s bottom and let her eat at the table – she deserves to be spoilt’

‘I wipe my dog’s bottom and let her eat at the table – she deserves to be spoilt’

Britain’s ‘most pampered pooch’ eats dinner at the family table, has movie nights with her own bowl of popcorn and hogs her own tub of Häagen-Daz ice cream. Dog lover Ellie Beech, 22, admits her 10-month-old cockapoo Luna is so spoilt, she even has her bottom wiped after nature calls.

Ellie, from Buckinghamshire, brought her dog Luna home when she was just one-month-old, and has treated her to a life of luxury ever since. She dotes on Luna’s every need, from putting on her favourite film, Clifford the Big Red Dog, to warming her blankets in the tumble dryer.

The business solutions associate doesn’t mind having Luna sit at the dining table and says dogs should be spoilt “since they aren’t with us forever”.

“None of us mind having Luna at the table. Her table manners are great – better than my younger brothers,” she said.

“She started eating at the table with us because initially, we’d put her food down in a bowl for her and she wouldn’t eat it.

“She’d maybe have a bit and then leave it or come back and pick at it but never managed to finish a full bowl of food which was weird.

“Luna would always watch us eat but never beg for food and after eight or nine months of trying her food in the bowl, I knew it wouldn’t work so thought I’d try it on her own plate at the table.

“She’s so well behaved! She has her own plate and sits on the chair eating from it. She’s never gone for our plates and once she’s done, she just jumps down.

“We’re all quite busy being out and about in my house so we don’t always have dinner together but when we do, Luna’s always at the table with us. It’s her home as well!”

Luna hasn’t yet sat at the table while they’ve had guests over, but this Christmas will be the first of – hopefully – many.

“This year will be Luna’s first Christmas and she’ll be eating with us at the table on Christmas Day, if anyone objects, well, it’s her home and that comes before anything!” Ellie said.

Luna’s favourite ice cream is Häagen-Daz’s strawberry cheesecake, and she gets her own tub in the freezer for treats.

That isn’t the only way the pooch is spoilt – she also expects to have her bottom cleaned after going to the toilet.

“Luna always gets cleaned with a baby wipe after she does her business – she’s so used to it now she literally waits by the wipes at the door,” Ellie explained.

“When she’s been on a walk and it’s been cold, or she’s had a bath, we put her blankets in the tumble dryer so they’re nice and warm for her.

“She has a dog bed in every room of the house, not even to sleep in – just in case she fancies a rest, but despite that, we also leave our doors open at night so she can choose who she sleeps with.”

To some it may sound extreme but for Ellie, the idea of having her own pet has been something she’s waited so long for and wants to give Luna all the love she can.

She continued: “I’ve wanted a dog all my life so of course I’m going to spoil her because sadly, dogs aren’t around forever.

“I also think what’s the harm in it? If we spoilt Luna, she isn’t going to grow up ungrateful or self-entitled like a child would.

“For her it just means she’s going to feel so loved for all her life and that makes me really happy to know as well!”