Woman’s cheeky advert for free dog sitter while she’s on holiday splits opinions

Woman’s cheeky advert for free dog sitter while she’s on holiday splits opinions

While you might want to welcome a dog into your home, you might not be in the right position to do so. As a responsible pet owner, you should make sure you have enough time and money to commit to an animal as they are unable to provide for themselves.

However, this doesn’t always happen and animals can end up suffering emotionally or physically as a result. A woman has raised eyebrows after offering up her pet as a “part-time dog” for a family so she doesn’t have to pay for a pet sitter when she goes away on holiday.

She made an advert for a ‘part-time dog’ and stuck it to a noticeboard in an attempt to gauge interest on her offer – but she has instead divided opinions online.

The notice, shared on Reddit, reads: “Do you love dogs but are too busy to have a full-time commitment or too much financially?

“Tedy is looking for an alternative family. Would you like your kids to have a dog?

“My mum is happy to share me with you on weekends or afternoons (as per agreement) for an exchange to look after me when she is travelling.

“Interested to learn more? Please get in touch.”

While some users stated how they’d love to have a ‘part-time commitment to a dog’, others slammed the woman for ‘wanting to leave her dog with strangers to go on holiday”.

One user said: “Next thing we know people will be looking to offer a part-time baby.

“Jokes aside, this is indeed a very clever way to get free pet sitting, but also a win-win for some who would love to have a pet, but cant afford or just don’t have enough time.”

Another user added: “Pet sharing is definitely a thing. It seems a bit cheeky to me but maybe everyone benefits.”

A third user said: “As a recently-single dog owner I would love to do something like this.

“I love him to death and I can’t stand leaving my little buddy at home by himself, so I hardly go out unless it’s somewhere I can bring him. Luckily I work from home and you can take your dog almost anywhere in my neighbourhood.

“It’s just too expensive to pay for a dog sitter or board him constantly. If he had a “co-owner” I could leave him with on certain days, it would make life a lot easier.”